Sunday, September 27, 2009

Three Day Crop

Whew, came home this afternoon from a three day scrapbook crop sponsored by "Scrap happy Sisters". What a great time we had! Made a new friend named Celeste, I really like her and her daughter, Kristen. All the proceeds from the crop went to the Susan B. Cancer Center. I know I have the name wrong but you know where I mean (I hope). Whatever. It was fun, fun, and more fun. Lots of prizes and food and Mary ran back and forth to the store to get us supplies we had forgotten or would take us to their store to shop. Lots of restaurants in the area too so John and Scott came by on Saturday night and took Michelle and I out to dinner.
I am hoping to get the Creatopia this week or next. I will be the most supplied scrapper there ever was! I am so looking forward to this new machine. I still have to share my pictures of Megan Marie with Michelle. We both want to make a scrapbook of her. I bought the little girl papers and a few embellishments. So much paper and so little time.
Next week end is the Glendale Convention and so I will be gone again for three days. John is already lining up a fishing trip or wave runner ride. Poor guy has been deserted by his wife.
Well, I am exhausted and am going to go relax but I wanted to keep you all as up to date as I am able, so till next time. Be Safe

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