Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I am disappointed that the link to our house in Costa Rica doesn't work on the IPad. It would have been really neat to have it mobile. Starting to pack for our visit to Costa Rica. I am curious to see how the house looks after being empty for so long. I am not going to miss this cold weather. Michelle and I have been doing a lot of paper crafting. Her talent is amazing I love watching her create her projects. I finally delivered the stocking caps for the homeless to Joyce yesterday. One more thing off my list. Now to decide if I am taking yarn to CR or not. I think I might do some needlepoint instead. Went to Family Arts and got the the thread for a new project. Another quilt design rather than picture design. Retirement sure gives a person time to do the things we enjoy but it is easy to nothing. Seems I did more when I worked than now. Well Dear readers I must get off my duff and do something productive. Will post again soon.

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